Monday, February 02, 2009

Test #2 Results

Here's the totals for our second test:

A- = 4
B- = 1
C+ = 1
C = 2
C- = 2
D = 4
D- = 2
F = 8

Again, I strongly urge anyone who has made a D or below to see me, and to talk with your advisor.

The study group that Adele has organized seems to have helped people. If you are having trouble, consider joining it.

Be sure you read the chapter. The online material makes sense only if you have this framework. Six of those making D and below did not even read the chapter. Three did not do any of the things I've suggested--outlining, doing exercises, reading the blog, doing the online quizzes.

Remember, 25% of your grade is attendance and participation. Though it is not nothing, simply showing up doesn't count for much. Participation requires effort!

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