Monday, February 23, 2009

Preparation for Test #4

The test on Thursday, Feb. 26 will cover Chapter 4, "Language." Be sure you can:

Define each term and identify instances of them:

Definition by genus and difference
Definition by subclass
Emotive language
Vague language
Ennumerative defintion
Etymological definition
Lexical definition
Ostensive definitions
Overgeneral statement
Persuasive definition
Precising definition
Political correctness
Stipulative definition

Know the various types and strategies for defining a term.

Know the Rules for Constructing Good Lexical Definitions, ( p. 104-106) and be able to tell when a given definition is too broad, too narrow, lacking in context, figurative, slanted, obscure or circular (see exercise VI., p.111)

Know the tests for emotive language.

As aways, it is wise for you to do the online TF and multiple choice quizzes and the online tutorials, as well as as many exercises in your textbook as you can. Depending on the quality of your work, I may be taking some examples from the student homework for Tuesday, Feb. 24.

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