Monday, January 14, 2008

About homework exercises....

Some people have been wondering about homework for this class. I am leaving it up to you to do whatever exercises you need in order to attain the main learning objectives from each chapter.

But where do you find those objectives? Check the textbook website and click on "Chapter Outlines."

I deliberately don't assign homework because:

1) I don't collect or grade it.
2) some people wouldn't do it even if I did
3) some people wouldn't need to do it at all--they catch on just fine from class and the website, that it would be a waste of time for them
4) some people would need to do less than what I would assign, so that the extra would just be busywork
5) some people would need to do more than I what I would assign

This is college, not high school. You are all adults who know better than I do how much time you need to put into this class in order to succeed.

Best way to deal with the situation:

1) Look at the exercises and see how well you do with the "circled" ones which have answers in the back of the book.

2) If you're getting those without difficulty, you probably don't need to do any more.

3) If you're not getting them, you probably need to do more exercises and check them against the answer key on reserve. Be sure you get the answer key to match the proper edition of the textbook. If you are using a used textbook, ask for the 2nd edition answer keys. If you are using a new textbook, as for the 3rd edition answer key.

4) If you are still having problems, you need to let me know.

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