Friday, March 13, 2009

Preparing for Final: The Fallacy List

By now you should have received test #5. I got them done this morning so instead of leaving them at the library, I had them put in your mailboxes.

Here is the fallacy list so you can study:

A. Inappropriate appeal to authority
B. Appeal to Ignorance
C. False alternatives
D. Loaded questions
E. Questionable Cause
F. Hasty Generalization
G. Slippery Slope
H. Weak analogy
I. Inconsistency
J. Personal attack (ad hominem)
K. Attacking the motive
L. Look who's talking
M. Two Wrongs make a right
N. Scare tactics
O. Appeal to Pity
P. Bandwagon
Q. Straw man
R. Red herring
S. Equivocation
T. Begging the question
U. Denying the antecedent
V. Affirming the consequent
W. NO fallacy

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