Monday, January 19, 2009

Test #1 Results:

Here's the totals for our first test. We had one almost-perfect paper, with the student missing only one question. The results below show me that the test was difficult, but not impossible.

Again, I strongly urge anyone who has made a D or below to see me, and to talk with your advisor. I must know immediately if you have any identified learning disabilities, so that I can work with your advisor to best understand how to help you.

If you are having problems, you need to be sure you are doing your exercises, checking them and availing yourself of the study helps online. Remember when you read the textbook, don't underline; outline! The extra time it takes pays back in the end.

Many students also find that having a "study buddy" helps improve their accountability, and, as a result, their comprehension of the material.

If you are doing all these things and still are having problems, you MUST see me as soon as possible, or else you will not be able to pass the course.

A = 1
B+ = 1
B- = 1
C= 4
C- = 1
D+ = 1
D = 2
D- = 2
F = 8

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